Pickleball Station - Seattle's Pickleball Destination

DROP IN PLAY - Morning Monthly Membership or $5.00 Per Person, Per Session


Choices To Fit Your Schedule

​Pickleball Station has two programs to help you find your perfect way to play pickleball.  If you have a group and you want to secure your own dedicated private court, choose our Private Court Rentals by the hour.

If you are just a single or double, and want to "drop-in" for a session, choose our Drop-In Open Play option. 


PRIVATE COURT RENTALS - $15/Hr ($20 for 2 hrs starting in Nov!)

​Rent pickleball courts by the hour. Since it's your private court, bring up to 8 people, with up to 4 on the court at a time! This is your own private court for as long as you reserve. Our rate is $15 per hour. Private courts are generally available during the daytime, and on weekends when we aren't running tournaments or specials events.

Special Mon - Fri Deal

From 12pm - 4pm court rentals will only be $20 for 2 hours starting in November! 

Our online booking system is currently out of service.

Please make a reservation by calling us at (253) 243-9858 or emailing: info@pickleballstation.com

Open Play Morning Weekday Membership - $30 per month 

  • Allows you to play from 9am - 12 noon, Monday - Friday
  • Allows members to participate in clinics at no charge (depending on availability) on "same day standby" basis. 
    Call the Pro Shop the day of the clinic, and if space is available, we will add you onto the list!

Drop In Play - $5.00 Per Session

  • Available either Morning (9am - 12 noon), Afternoon, or Weekends. See Schedule below. 
  • Match up on a court with players of your same skill level, or try your luck with some high level competition!

​​​Current Drop In Schedule:

  • Mon - Fri (AM Hours)
    • 9am - 12pm​
  • Mon, Wed, Thurs (PM Hours)
    • ​4pm - 6pm
  • Tues, Fri (PM Hours)
    • ​​4pm - 7pm
    • Friday hours will be extended from 4pm - 9pm starting Nov
  • Saturday & Sunday
    • 9am - 12pm ​(AM Hours)
    • 2pm - 5pm (PM Hours - Begins in Nov)

Holiday Closures and Reduced Hours

  • Oct 15 - Closed to open play 4pm - 6pm
  • Day Before Thanksgiving, Nov 21 - 9am - 12pm
  • Thanksgiving, Nov 22 - Closed
  • Christmas Eve, Dec 24 - 9am - 12pm
  • Christmas, Dec 25 - Closed
  • New Year's Eve, Dec 31 - 9am - 12pm
  • New Year's Day, Jan 1 - Closed

When we are full, we try to encourage certain courts to be used as novice/beginner (2.0-3.0), intermediate (3.0-4.0), or advanced  (4.0-5.0). Play a game from 1 to 11 points. When people are waiting, we will use the paddle line-up system to designate the next 4 players. Place your paddle with other paddles in groups of fours.

Learn more about our Drop-in Play Program by  calling (253) 243-9858 or by email: info@pickleballstation.com

Thinking about coming to play today, but wondering if anyone is playing? Check out our Pickleball Station Webcam(s) to see if anyone is on the courts!