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DROP IN OPEN PLAY - $5.00 Per Person, Per Session

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Choices To Fit Your Schedule

​Pickleball Station has two programs to help you find your perfect way to play pickleball.  If you have a group and you want to secure your own dedicated private court, choose our Private Court Rentals by the hour.

If you are just a single or double, and want to "drop-in" for a session, choose our Drop-In Open Play option. 


PRIVATE COURT RENTALS - Introductory Special Rate $15/Hr

​Rent pickleball courts by the hour. Since it's your private court, bring up to 8 people, with up to 4 on the court at a time! This is your own private court for as long as you reserve. Our introductory rate of $15 per hour.  Private courts are generally available any time during business hours (with limited exceptions due to events.) ​

Make a reservation by booking online, calling (253) 243-9858 or by email: info@pickleballstation.com

Current Drop In Schedule:

Mon - Fri:  9am - 12 noon, and 4pm - 7pm

Sat & Sun:  9am - 12 Noon

Match up on a court with players of your same skill set, or try your luck with some high level competition! Drop in any time during open play time blocks and enjoy up to three hours of play for $5.00.

When we are full, we try to encourage certain courts to be used as novice/beginner (2.0-3.0),  intermediate (3.0-4.0), or advanced  (4.0-5.0).  Play a game from 1 to 11 points.  When people are waiting, we will use the paddle line-up system to designate the next 4 players. Place your paddle with other paddles in groups of fours.

Make a reservation by booking online,  calling (253) 243-9858 or by email: info@pickleballstation.com

* Clicking this link will open a new window to our online booking application