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Here's What To Expect:

Introduction To Pickleball - Learn how to play the game everyone is talking about!

  • Game Overview
  • How To Keep Score
  • Serving & Returning The Ball
  • Basic Court Skills
  • Basic Shot Techniques

Blocking - Tired of bangers hitting you? Use their power against them!

  • How to beat the bangers
  • The importance of keeping your paddle up
  • Taking pace off of a slam
  • How to go from defensive to offensive in a hurry
  • Resetting the point with a block

Strategy and Court Positioning- Work together to improve! 

  • ​​Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your team
  • Read the flight of the ball
  • Moving as a unit

Lobbing & Defending the Lob - Protect yourself against the dreaded lob!

  • Proper footwork and court awareness
  • Understand how to lob at the proper time​

Dinking 101 - Learn how to control the court and have a blast doing it!

  • Control The Game
  • Own Court Position
  • Be the lead partner in the pickleball dance
  • Footwork
  • Volley Dinks

Dinking 201 - Already know how to dink? Now it's time to get aggressive.

  • How to keep the ball low while dinking
  • Proper footwork to set yourself up for a great dink
  • How and when to attack your next shot

Double Strategy / Serving - Come learn our 'Jedi' Techniques and work up a sweat doing it!

  • Stacking
  • Dominant forehand in the middle
  • How to attack the weaker opponent
  • Knowing where you are on the court
  • Who’s got the dreaded middle
  • Picking up on tendencies
  • Deep serves - you can’t score if your serve doesn’t go in

Drills To Better Your Game - Awesome drills to make you a better player!

  • Half Court Singles
  • Deep Returns & Serves
  • Dinking Drills
  • Blocking Drills​​

Pickleball clinics are a great way to improve your game!

Our Pickleball clinics are designed for beginner to intermediate players who would like to work on specific aspects of their game. The clinics are 90 minutes long, with 60 minutes of instruction followed by 30 minutes of free play.  To ensure a great experience for all, clinics are limited to 8 participants. Pre-payment is required. Cost is $20 (plus tax) per person per clinic.

View our Event Calendar to view all of our upcoming clinic topics and dates.

You can now sign up for clinics via our reservations pageIf you have any questions or trouble registering with the new system,

call us at 253-243-9858 or email info@pickleballstation.com. 

Upcoming 90 Minute clinics:

  • Introduction to Pickleball

  • Mastering the Dink

  • Perfecting the 3rd Shot

  • Tuning Up Your Serve

  • Attacking With A Purpose

  • Doubles Strategy

  • How To Beat The Bangers

  • Lobbing & Lob Defense

Pickleball clinics

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​Forcing Their Backhand - Get better while having fun learning backhand shot techniques!

  • The best spot to hit winners
  • Court recognition
  • Backhand drills
  • Becoming more comfortable with your own backhand

How and When to Attack - Now that you've made your way to the kitchen line, it’s time to know when to attack.

  • How to punch the ball
  • How to use touch over power
  • What are the best spots to attack on the court?​

Poaching - Find out the right time to take over the court!

  • Court positioning
  • Stacking
  • Keeping Forehands in the middle

Poaching/Stacking - Keep the stronger partner in the correct position 

  • Keep the stronger forehand in the middle
  • Court positioning
  • Jumping the kitchen line
  • Getting out of bad situations on the court

Prepping for Your Tournament - Get ready mentally and physically

  • Set yourself and your partner up for success
  • Stay calm in the face of adversity

3rd Shot Skills & Drills - Learn how to get to the net more effectively

  • What is the 3rd shot?
  • How does this benefit my game?
  • Allowing you enough time to make it to the kitchen
  • Hit the backhand with your 3rd shot
  • Power 3rd shot and poach

Tuning Up Your Serve - Become more consistent and snag those aces

  • Learn the importance of serving deep and how to do it
  • The best baseline locations to serve from
  • Where to aim the ball to raise the difficulty for opponents 

Volleying - How and when to hit the ball correctly before it bounces the first time!

  • Volley Dinking
  • Blocks
  • Put Away Shots